Who the heck are we?

Hey there! It’s great to meet ya. At our core, we’re just some people who love the heck out of books – well, Alyssa is at least. Garrett is admittedly “not a big book guy” but we’re working on it.

We started in February 2020 with the goal of sharing that love of books with as many people as we can. That’s Novel Books is a space where lovers of books can come and just be around other people who love books. But don’t worry, it’s also for the people who don’t like books but want a cozy, comfy spot to do some work, meet with friends or just chill for a bit. We’re all about just chilling.

Alyssa Pressler: Alyssa has always been an avid reader. You know the type: the ones who used to read under their desk at school so the teacher wouldn’t see, or would get in trouble for staying up all night reading “just one more chapter.” In an effort to read more after college, she started a “bookstagram,” or an instagram where she literally just talks about books. Since then, her passion for reading has grown, leading her down this crazy path to open her own used store. When she’s not working and reading, she’s hanging with her two dogs, talking about mental health and probably eating french fries.

Garrett Tichy: Garrett Tichy is the founder and owner of hygge coworking and creator of @WeLoveCLT. To put it bluntly, Garrett believes in people, and that drives everything he does, including this new adventure. He’s known for his ability to build diverse and inclusive communities in Charlotte, and also for his weekly baking adventures that he shares on his Instagram each Sunday. When he’s not working or baking, he’s usually found hanging with his daughter, Olivia, or telling Alyssa to stop pressuring him to read more.