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Support Local on Indie Bookstore Day

It’s wild to me that tomorrow is April 25, this year’s Indie Bookstore Day. If I’m being honest, I’m a little heartbroken. We had so many exciting things planned with another local book shop, Shelves Bookstore, to celebrate with y’all.

Even though we and other bookstores aren’t open for browsing or other fun, bookish activities, there are plenty of other ways you can support local tomorrow (and every day during this stay at home order in Charlotte.

We’ll give a full list of how you can support some of our other favorite bookstores in the Queen City below, but first, here’s how you can support us:

  1. We are currently offering local drop offs for books! If you’d like to purchase a book or other merch from us and you’re within 15 miles of our location (330 Camp Road in Charlotte) then you can participate. We don’t have our inventory online, so we’re getting creative with this by offering personalized book recommendations. Simply send us a message on social media or email us at with some info like your favorite genres to read, other books you’ve read and loved, or any specific titles and authors you’re looking for. We’ll do our best to find books that work for you and then drop them off at your house, sanitized and wrapped, on Fridays.
  2. You can buy one of our first ever Oh, I’m Reading Again t-shirts. Stzlife and Inkfinity Printing are helping small businesses gain some extra revenue right now by printing and handling all aspects of t-shirt production, which is huge. The shirts are $25, and we get $12.50 of every purchase. Click here to order.

We get it – maybe That’s Novel doesn’t have exactly what you’re looking for, or maybe we’re just not your cup of tea (it’s fine, I get enough validation from my mom for this not to hurt me). There are a ton of other incredible bookstores in the Charlotte area that you should look to support before you order your latest read from that giant Amazon. Here are just a few of our favorites (I apologize to anyone we missed – we love ALL bookstores!).

Shelves Bookstore

Shelves Bookstore is run by Abigail, a fellow book lover who wanted to create a pop-up bookstore here in Charlotte. Before the stay at home order was put in place, you could catch her with her collection of new books at local coffee shops and other spots. Since most of those places are closed…she can’t pop up any longer. But what she does offer is online ordering for books. If you’ve got a book you’re interested in, she can order it for you and leave it sanitized at Enderly Coffee Co. for you to pick up when it’s convenient for you.

And if you’ve got a book club, Shelves is the way to go. She works with several local bookclubs on ordering their reads each month. Learn more about Shelves Bookstore here.

Park Road Books

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the local favorite, Park Road Books. If you’re looking for a specific, new book, Park Road is where it’s at. They, like us, are closed for curbside pickup but you can still place orders with them and have them shipped right to your home. You can do that by emailing them, ordering through their website or calling the store. Their website is right here, if you want to check them out.

Julia’s Cafe and Books

Boy, we cannot wait to be able to spend hours browsing in Julia’s Cafe and Books with a cup of coffee in hand. Until then, this shop does have their inventory online so that you can look through and still make some used purchases! They set it up through Amazon, but you’re still supporting local when you purchase through this link right here.

Main Street Books in Davidson

Because of the stay at home ordinance in the state, Main Street Books in Davidson worked with to offer an online shopping experience that results in at-home delivery. On their shop page, you’ll still find lists of staff recommendations and recommended reading lists, which is perfect if you’re unsure of what to pick up while staying at home. Check it out here.

No matter how you do it, try to give a local bookstore some love this weekend. Even something small, like sharing a social media post or buying a bookmark, makes a big difference.

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